Surface & Downhole Pressure

NEURAL OILFIELD SERVICE SDN BHD (NOSSB) in association with PetraCat provides solutions for the capture of surface & downhole pressure transient test. Petracat provides quartz resonant pressure gauges (downhole/surface), method to capture the rate or injection data and an analysis of the acquired pressure data set. Petracat also provide pressure data processing via our engineering services division on data collected from the gauge we rent or historycally pressure data from other sources.

Testing Applications:
Determining essential properties and assessing condition from Surface
measurements. Primary applications;

  • Mini-Fac or DFIT or MFO (unconventional).
  • Pre-Fac, injection fall-off in low permeability reservoirs.
  • Pressure Build-up (PBU) / Drawdown (conventional).
  • Injection Fall-off (IFO) / Step Rate / Communication Monitoring.
  • Running Downhole Gauges on work/production string or below a plug.
  • Converting historically acquired Surface or DH Pressure to Mid Completion depth.

Hardware Rentals:

  • Downhole Pressure Gauge
  • Surface Pressure Gauge
  • Wireless System for interface and communications monitoring
  • Turbine Meter Flow / Volume capture Options

Data Precessing & Analysis:
Conversion of WHP to BHP, and analysis of supplied Surface or DH Gauge pressure data
Historical Data Analysis:
Data processing and analysis of historically acquired SCADA or Permanent Downhole gauge systems.