Sand Screen

NEURAL OILFIELD SERVICE SDN BHD (NOSSB) in association with 3M™, provides the reliable Ceramic Sand Screen which control the sand problem by using the ceramic technology. The 3M™ Ceramic Sand Screens offers a breakthrough sand and proppant flowback control technology for demanding conditions where erosion is a major challenge.
Since erosion resistance is determined by material properties, 3M™ Ceramic Sand Screens use ceramic materials. These materials are approximately 10 times harder than metallic materials and show minimal abrasion under reservoir conditions.
3M™ Ceramic Sand Screens keep sand out , and costs down.

Why ceramics in downhole sand screen?
The unique properties of technical ceramics made from silicon carbide
Over 10 times as hard metallic screens
Exeptional wear and corrosion resistance
Suitable for use even under extremeconditions
Erosion Testing
3rd Party Erosion Testing – 1 Results
Test Results
Similar results were obtained using coupons mounted in test fixtures.
The fixture had a 40mm (1.6”) opening to test ceramic screens and wirewrap
screens respectively and compare erosion performance.
The wire-wrap screens failed in every single test at slight different
timings, whereas the ceramic screens did not show any visible wear or
material loss.

  • Twice the stiffness & 10 times the hardness of metallic screens
  • Proven to resist wear even under high velocity flows
  • Reduces workovers
  • Can control proppant flowback in PSI completions
  • Helps extend equipment life
  • Helps minimize pressure losses
  • Can eliminate the need for complex sand control methods
  • Customizable for specific downhole conditions
  • Can be used in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells

Erosion Resistance
Test condition: 20/40 mesh sand, high loaded in air, blasting with 30-50
m/s (90 – 150 ft/s)
Extreme hardness
Sand erosion test 2011-03-25
High speed documentation film

Standalone Ceramic Sand Screens

3M™ Ceramic Stand-alone Sand Screens are designed to deliver high performance sand control in new wells and workover applications, both in unconsolidated formations and where proppant flowback poses a risk. The modular concept design features a perforated continuous base pipe with a flexible stack of ceramic rings to help reduce deployment and operational risk associated with some conventional sand control solutions. The ceramic material allows for these screens to be placed directly across the perforation without a gravel pack, allowing large internal pass-throughs and low pressure drops resulting in higher productivity and longer well life cycle.
The technology of 3M™ Ceramic Sand Control Screen Systems improves the known wire wrap screen principle by taking advantage of the unique properties of technical ceramics.

  • Flexible stack of ceramic rings
  • Specially designed with v-shape or keystone gaps
  • Gaps width, length and diameter tailored to the specific application/well bore
  • Can be provided as a self-supported system or provided with an
    internal perforated tube
  • The 3M sand screen can also be used to protect valves, SSDs
    (sliding sleeve doors) and ICDs (inflow control devices)
Thru tubing Ceramic Sand Screens

Erosion-resistant 3M™ Ceramic Thru-Tubing Sand Screens are proven to deliver high performance sand control in a variety of applications, from mature fields to well interventions where conventional metallic sand control systems have failed. With a perforated discontinuous pipe design and a flexible stack of ceramic rings, these long-lasting, durable sand screens fit more tubing inside their diameters to enable higher production rates. They’re easy to deploy and help protect well jewellery from hot spot erosion.
Efficient sand control in failed systems or new completions:

  • Provides exceptional erosion resistance
  • Cost-effective, long-life solution
  • Flexibility of length with a medular construction system
  • Individual screen modules can be assembled via pin and box connections in any hang-off remedial application or a new well
  • Placement directly opposite pertorations or in open hole
  • These products are available on a short lead time to meet requirements of short notice workovers