Sand Management Solutions

NEURAL OILFIELD SERVICE SDN BHD (NOSSB)  in association with CON-SLOT is offering a Rod Based Wire Wrapped Screen (RBWWS), the FormationLinkTM Sand Screen. This screen is suitable for all different kinds of oil and gas wells.

FormationLinkTM   has a much simpler open design with a strong screen structure. The Screen  has excellent flow parameters and is suitable for all types of installation purposes.

In 1974, Con-Slot  decided to invest into mass research before it started manufacturing, in order to determine the hydraulic flow pattern of the screen and as such the flow capacity and performance.

It was confirmed by the tests that as long as the flow remains in laminar flow condition, the performance is stabilized: optimizing the entrance capacity, no abrasion and no erosion of the screen will occur and sand control is never a problem.

Hence the Con-slot manufactured the FormationLinkTM : High mechanical strength combined with high permeability – no base pipe obstructing flow and reducing operational procedures to improve the productivity of the well.


  • Max length of screen section: without spacer ring 6 m with spacer ring 12 m
  • Outer diameter: 16 mm – 960 mm (0.63 in – 37.7 in)
  • Slot width: 0,05 mm – 10,00 mm (50 micron – 10000 micron)
  • Collapse Strength: up to 300 bar (depending on different factors)
  • Max bending radius: > 15°
  • Max tensile strength: up to 85 to (depending on different factors)


Con-slot, in an effort to provide the clients with best practices using FormationLinkTM actively participates in collaborative R&D projects such as:

  • 1998: Erosion-and Plugging tests at the Rogaland Research Institute (Research -Rogaland RF 98_031)
  • 2017: Development of Ceramic-Coated Wire Wrapped Screens for improved Erosion Resistance