Realtime Data Delivery & Management

NEURAL OILFIELD SERVICE SDN BHD (NOSSB) in association with PETROLINK provide real-time data delivery and data management solutions to the oil and gas industry. These services allow geoscientists and engineers to connect securely to the wellsite and beyond to the reservoir. This allows all team members to monitor operations and collaborate effectively for on time decision making. The PETROLINK solutions collect, aggregate, transmit, visualize, store and export all types of data acquired at the wellsite by all the different service

Do you have full control of your real-time data?
Petrolink’s real- time system, powered by the PetroVault platform, is based
on WITSML, the standard for drilling- data exchange in the oil and gas industry.When applications speak the same language, interoperability is enabled so data can be properly managed and exploited. Looking at the curves in a real- time is not enough- taking control of your data by having the flexibility to pull it into third- party applications for interpretation and analysis is the key to maximizing drilling operations.

Digital Well File
Is your wellsite data growing while your resources are shrinking?

Numerous well reports from multiple wells are handled through daily email but reductions in workforce means fewer people are available to managethe emails.Petrolink’s Digital Well File service collects,organizes, stores, and distributes all your wellsite data in a centralized location so you can quickly and easily find and share the information you need to make better decision faster. interpretation and analysis is the key to maximizing drilling operations

Features and Benefits:

    • Easy to find data from multiple rigs/wells, contractors, and consultants

– Everyone working from the same data

    • User specified email and text messages notifications

– Stop unwanted emails

    • Access your data anywhere, on any device

– Provides quality control of data naming and content

    • Centralized distribution list

– Eliminate distribution errors

    • Customized meta tags

– Improved search and sorting conforming to your corporate data

    • Network of redundant and synchronized servers

– Keeps the data safe and available, even if a server fails.

Petrolink’s integrated, independent system lets you visualize, control,manage and own your data. Our solutions reduce the time it takes to consistently present and integrate the data, so you get what you need, when you need it, to make better decisions faster.

Features and Benefits:

  • Data aggregation and visualization
  • Independent and neutral vendor. Provides an unbiased perspective on
    your wellsite data
  • Internet based- No software to download, no license fees, unlimited use of Petrolink’s viewer
  • 3rd party software integration via WITSML
  • Real-time calculations and customer alerts- Know what’s happening in
    your well
  • Real-time geosteering with collaborations features
  • Torque and drag- Track hole conditions and determine torque problems
  • Mobile device accessibility- Access your data quickly from anywhere
  • Accepts all major data formats- Full interoperability
  • Displays drilling optimization curves – assess trends to keep your
    drilling program on track