Packer types:
• HP – Bonded (High Pressure applications)
• Lite – Slip-on (Low pressure applications)
• Special Applications (screens, expandables,custom mandrels, ‘widgets’)

Temp, expansion & pressure ratings:
• From normal sea water temps up to 215°C
• 295% Swell Volumes
• Various pressure ratings depending on size/length of packer (up to 15k psi)


Well construction
• Aquifer protection
• B/C annulus protection
• Micro-annulus control
• Primary Isolation
• Solid expandable tubulars
• Casing shoe FIT seal/off-bottom cementing
• ICD/sand screen/expandable screen isolation
• Multi-stage fracturing
• Acid stimulation
• Slotted/pre-drilled liners
• Multi-lateral isolation
• Inflatable/mechanical packer back-up
• Screen protection
• Bridge plugs
• Straddle packers
• Expandable Tubulars (scab liner/casing patch)
• SSSV insert valve seals / GLV seals
• Sealing in corroded tubing/casing
• Tie-back seals


High final swell volumes for wash-outs and eccentric hole
• Up to 295% swell volume
• Allows for much smaller OD deployments
• Can be tailored for very slow swell (ERD)
Swell in up to fully saturated brine
• Includes Cesium Formate
• Swells in low (4c) temperatures
Ultra-fast water swell compound
• Up to10x faster than osmotic systems
Swell designed to ‘stop’ rather than swell to dissolve point
• High post-swell strength & integrity
Short lead time response, when required
• Fastest emergency order delivered in 48 hrs
• Small, nimble, fast decision-making