Downhole Sealants

NEURAL OILFIELD SERVICE SDN BHD (NOSSB) in association with KINETICS CONTROLS & INNOVATION LTD (KCI) are leading provider of Engineered Leak Sealing Solutions, Isolation Barrier Systems, Corrosion Protection Coatings, Specialist Applications for well integrity issues in the Oil & Gas industry. We provide a comprehensive range of innovative products and services which increase safety, reduce costs, minimise downtime in reactivating or recovering production.

The COST EFFECTIVE technology, with proven track record, is applicable in
solving integrity issues for surface, subsurface, subsea, topsides, pipelinesand other applications in a quick, safe and cost effective operations.
Solutions we offer can be temporary (short term or retrievable) or permanent, depending on Client’s operational requirements such as:

  • Wellhead barrier protection during production
  • Tree gate valve isolation in support of through tubing intervention
  • Production pipeline isolation pigging and flushing products
  • Downhole annulus isolations
  • Abandonments and Decommissioning with secure isolations

Mac-Pac – Supports Through Tubing Interventions, Gate Valve & Wellhead Pack-Offs Isolations

Deployed as a high viscous fluid, very effective alternative to Plastic Packing type products. Ideal for re-energising damaged seals.

  • Provides isolations on failed Gate Valves from 2” to 7”, also Valve Stem Packing leaks.
  • Stays in the valve cavity much longer than standard grease.
  • Provides protection against well debris and corrosive fluids.
  • Has an operational temperature of: -50°to +250°C.
  • Displaces and replaces existing valve grease providing a superior high
    temperature lubricant.
  • Has no issues with future valve operations, production flow, wireline or coiled tubing activity.

IBS (Isolation Barrier System) – Annulus Isolations, Abandonments and
Packer Issues

IBS has been designed and formulated to provide an Isolation within the Annulus, supporting gas migration through Cement with Micro Annulus or Porosity issues, Packer Damage, Abandonments and other applications.
IBS can be weighted to sink through existing heavy fluids. The volume required is small compared to other existing methods and is simple and effective with a high success rate.

Mac-Seal and MS-Sealant – Isolation of Wellhead Weight Set and Mandrel Casing Hangers
Mac-Seal and MS-Sealant is being deployed successfully worldwide providing Rigless Isolations within
wellhead voids providing temporary, long term or permanent isolations to maintain safe and effective production.
We offer strong engineering support with vast well knowledge with an extremely high degree of deployment success worldwide.
Both products will protect exposed and damaged barriers like the critical Environmental Gasket between Wellhead Spools, Lockdown Screw Packing, Passing Injection Fittings, Void Casing Slab Seals and Pack- Off’s.
Both products are two part, time set sealants which self energise under pressure therefore can bridge large gaps & holes in seal structures unlike pressure activated sealants.
Various viscosities are available to re-establish a pressure retaining barrier. KCI offers an industry Best Practice in isolating Fibre Optics, damaged Seal Structures, Gasket sealing areas and many other applications.

IBS (Isolation Barrier System) – Pipeline Cleaning and Support Gels
We provide various products in support of pipeline intervention on behalf of KES (KCI Energy Services). These products are bespoke to their application and supports low or high volume Gels incorporating a high degree of
pipeline engineering.
This range of products support Dewatering, Degreasing Pipelines, Isolation Pipeline Ball Valve and can be used as a safe and cost effective alternative to freezing applications.