Permanent Downhole Gauge

NEURAL OILFIELD SERVICE SDN BHD (NOSSB) in association with PROMORE provides world most reliable well monitoring solutions which are critical to the successful implementation of Reservoir Management, Production Optimization, and Enhanced Oil Recovery projects.

Our advanced surface electronics in conjunction with the unique and proprietary ERD sensor eliminates the need for downhole electronic components. This combination allows for marked achievement in both longevity/ reliability and high temperature capability in extreme operating environments.

PROMORE is the only company that offers a sensor package capable of monitoring to 600F or a sensor designed for a long term monitoring with proven track record since 1994 with performance reliability stands above 98%.

Why Do We Monitor Pressure & Temperature ?
Conventional Oil & Gas Monitoring
Transient Well Test
Performed every time the well shut in or opened
Interference Test
Between wells, between fault blocks and also the vertical
transmissibility between reservoirs
History Matching and Reservoir Modelling
Verification or adjustment of reservoir models are possible “on the fly”
Artificial lift efficiency
Protect your capital investment!
Reservoir Pressure Control
Well production is maximized, injection rates are optimized, sand
production is eliminated by controlling drawdown.
Fracture Monitoring (data frac, treatment data and flow back data)
Optimization of fracture length and fracturing efficiency evaluation.

ERD™  Pressure and Temperature Sensors

How Do We Monitor

ERDTM Pressure and Temperature Sensors

  • Highest Temperature rating in the industry +315 C
  • Highest Reliability in the industry 94%

PROMORE, A Division of Core Laboratories LP