Complex nano Fluid CnF® (Nano Surfactant)
IMPROVED OIL RECOVERY (IOR) chemicals to maximize recovery using the environmentally responsible CnF® suite

NOSSB in collaboration with Flotek Chemicals bringing Complex nano Fluid (CnF), a Nano Surfactant solutions that will enhance performance of chemical applications.

Common Surfactants
Penetrate about half way due to adsorption

CnF Additives
Invaded Area

CnF® applications

1. Drilling:
Drill through shales with WBM
Drilling Fluid Cleanup,

2. Fracturing, Acidizing/Intervention
Results overall in 40% higher production when compared to conventional surfactants Remediation

3. Remediation / Intervention
Paraffin asphaltene cleanup
Condensate banking water blocks
H2S and microbial contamination

Enhanced water flooding
Improve WSO performance
Water / Polymer Injection rate improvement

5. Cleanup/remediation of producing wells
Barite or Scale dissolution
Paraffin asphaltene
Water blocks and Condensate banking
Emulsions and fines

6. EOR and Water flood Improving water well injectivity
Paraffin asphaltene and residual oil removal
Removal of microbial contamination additives