Clear Well

ClearWELL – Pulsed Radio Frequency Scale Control

ClearWELLis an electronic device that simply clamps onto the wellhead or associated flow-line. The ClearWELLunit produces a radio frequency (RF) signal and generates an electric field down though the wellbore and throughout the flow-lines.


  • Control precipitation
  • Energy pulse into well/flow line
  • Flow Assurance
  • Deposition Prevention
  • Zero intervention


  • Conventional Oil & Gas Wells
  • Thermal Wells (SAGD and CSS)
  • Injection Wells
  • Pumped Wells
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Compressors
  • Boiler Feed Water Pumps
  • Tank Farms & Vessels
  • Flowlines, Pipelines or Gathering Systems



  • The device emits/transmits its randomly pulsed Electromagnetic RF signals down the length of the wellbore/pipeline, generating an electric field along the tubulars and the oil-water mixture.
  • The RF pulses interact with ions to initiate a new phase of charged particles and microcrystals in solution.
  • Charged particles respond to the electromagnetic field, absorb energy and move
  • This movement generates local concentration fluctuations and induces nucleation
  • The energy absorbed the RF signals prevent scale from adhering to tubulars and equipment by creating clusters of scale crystals that remain suspended in solution.



  • Non Intrusive
  • Easily installed and Maintained
  • Reduces HSE risks and Personnel Exposure


  • Extends Run Times and Improves Up Time
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Can be monitored Remotely via Satellite Link


  • Little or No Capital Investment Required
  • Reduces Intervention and Production Interrupt
  • Well Proven Technology with over 550 Installs Globally