Airborne Geophysics for Oil & Gas Exploration

NEURAL OILFIELD SERVICE SDN BHD (NOSSB) is proud to be associated with McPhar International, a leading international airborne geophysical surveys contractor.
The services McPhar provide involved the acquisition of gravity and gravity gradient data, magnetic and magnetic gradient data, and oil seep data from a fleet of fixed-wing aircraft based in the UK, Sourth Africa and Singapore.

The data acquired from such surveys are processed, mapped, imaged and
interpreted at our data processing centers in India and/or South Africa.

Quality Control:The quality assurance program at McPhar Internationalis designed to ensure that every survey is planned and executed to obtain final products of the highest quality possible.McPhar incorporates important control procedures into all parts of the survey process.

Data Processing: Final Data Processing is undertaken at McPhar International’s Data Processing Centers in India and/or South Africa. Final products include color images on paper and digital data on CD-ROM/DVD and a Final Report.


Interpretation: Many techniques are available to apply to an interpretation project;
-to determine depths to causative sources
-to delineate discontinuities and boundaries
-and to draw conclusions regarding geological structure beneath the
A variety of proprietary in-house and commercial software is utilized for this work
– Aeromagnetics:
An airborne magnetic system utilizes one or more high-sensitivity magnetometers installed on a fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter, to measure changes in the earth’s magnetic field. The data is extremely useful in mapping the tectonics (faults, structures, lineaments in the ground)
Mounted in a light aircraft, and steered by satellite GPS navigation,
SEEPFINDER records the presence of thin molecular oil films on the surface of the sea
An airborne gravity sensing system providing high-resolution gravity data ONLY. Used almost exclusively in Oil & Gas exploration to mapsedimentary basins and to provide information on structure and depth